Edmonton Adult Massage FAQ

Do you offer incall appointments?

Yes. I do strictly incalls and outcalls. For incall escorts, I highly recommend Edmonton PSE Escort

How far in advance should I schedule an appointment?

Due to my limited availability, all new clients should contact me at least a week in advance. I realize this isn't always possible but it is the best way to ensure that I'll be available. Keep in mind that my other career keeps my schedule constantly changing so sometimes it can be difficult to get an appointment set and confirmed.
In addition, I'm fortunate to have a large base of repeat clients who I give priority to when scheduling. Most of them know to contact me well ahead of time when requesting appointments so sometimes I get booked up quickly.

What do you do with my business and personal information?

I simply hold onto it until after we meet. Once you've proven that you're a respectful gentleman (or lady), I delete all information you've given me.
I'm only accepting a small amount of new clients so I'm very selective of those I choose to see. If you don't want to share your information I completely understand and suggest you try someone else. FYI your cell phone number and an aol, yahoo, etc email does not count as appropriate work information.

I don't want to give you any of my personal information. Can we meet in public first instead so you can see I'm a nice guy?

That does absolutely nothing to ensure my safety. So no, that's definitely not an alternative to giving screening information.

I can't have you visit me at my home. Can you get a hotel room and I'll reimburse you?


What's the best way to contact you?

Call or email me. I'm not a hot date, I'm not gfe anything, I'm a sensual massage girl. And I'm very very good at what I do. :)
A polite, well-written inquiry is a much more appropriate way to contact me. Explicit language will be ignored.

Your rates seem expensive for a massage. Why?

I am not a fly-by-night provider; I am a well-established and respected upscale massage provider who caters to those who aren't looking for "a bargain".
Besides, my rates remained the same for five years. I recently decided it was time to raise them a tiny bit.

How do you stay in such good shape?

I consider myself lucky to have inherited good metabolism and a small frame. I try to exercise a couple of times a week to maintain good muscle tone and do yoga every day. I'm a carboholic and try to eat healthy but have a weakness for greasy take out food and milk shakes. I also accept Breyer's chocolate ice cream as a gratuity LOL.

What are your massage sessions like? Can you give me details?

You'll find plenty of info about what I offer and what you can expect on my Massage Page.

Do you do any kind of fetish sessions?

I offer light sensual domination, foot worship, and other light domme play. Please see my Fetish Page for details.